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Due to the increasing demand for VPN applications, the topic of the best VPN on the market has a high actual value. One of the most convenient places to get a recommendation on different programs is Reddit. This makes Reddit a good place to visit and read before installing any VPN. This article will provide all the essential information on the free VPN applications from Reddit users. 

The best Free VPNs Reddit users choose to recommend.

To be able to pick out the best free VPNs a lot of factors are considered like reviews of Reddit users, speed, etc. The following list of VPNs contains the best possible solutions for any user:

  • Windscribe 

Windscribe has free and purchasable licenses. Most definitely the paid version has benefits but a free license is still a good option as far as it can get without paying. The free version of Windscribe offers a limited bandwidth of 10 gigabytes per month, 10 server locations, support P2P protocols, and good download speed. These features are impressive making Windscribe a go-to for Reddit free VPN users.

  • ProtonVPN 

The most important feature of the premium version is an access to some streaming services and torrenting, a bigger number of servers, and the possibility of multiple device connection. It is important to note that ProtonVPN does not restrict bandwidth, making it a viable choice of a VPN solution.

  • Hide.Me

Hide.Me provides several free services: Canada, US West, Singapore, US East, and Netherland. Does not work with Netflix but supports the P2P protocols. Generally, it is a good option if you need a convenient VPN application.

  • TunnelBear 

TunnelBear provides a limit of 500 megabytes per month which honestly is not enough in some cases. This is a major limitation but it offers up to 20 various server locations to choose from. If you are ready to deal with bandwidth limitations, then this is the VPN for you. 

These are the highly recommended free VPNs by Reddit users, you can pick what works best for you and fits your requirements.

Are free VPNs safe for use?

The question asked by a lot of people is, “Are free VPN connections safe to use?” Most Reddit users believe that they are safe but do not offer you 100% guaranteed privacy. 

Here are some of the benefits of free VPN:

  • Anonymity.
  • Semi-secured.
  • Disables Geo-restrictions.
  • Allows you to view the content of choice.

Apart from the positives mentioned earlier Reddit users have also pointed a few things to be careful about. They are:

  • Possibility of your data getting sold.
  • The use of third-party servers.
  • Speed issues.

Take note of these points when you are making your decision. 


Free VPN applications are not the best option because of some disputes of selling users’ personal data to corporations. However, irrespective there are free VPN services that Reddit experts can recommend. The article contains a few of these viable VPNs, pick the one that suits you better.

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