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The complaint from Roblox players concerning crashing of the game with receiving the notification about the particular error [Roblox error Code 267] has become really common lately. However, any user can solve the problem with the help of the tips this article provides.

The information about the particular error

To find the convenient solution for the error 267 that gamers get, let’s get a little background information on the game and possible causes of the problem. Roblox has gained a solid popularity among young gamers, as it is free-to-play and can be installed on any device or operating system.

What can cause the crash? 

The most possible reason of the crash is shown to the player in the notification itself. It may say “The server kicked you out for self-moderation” or “The server banned your account for the particular reason”. These notifications can help to define whether the error occurs on the server or on your device.

All the error notifications can be caused by multiple reasons:

  • Window Firewall.
  • Inconvenient connection to internet.
  • Blank games.
  • Incompatible browsers.
  • Banned player.

A brief guide on how to solve the error

Getting the error code number can be a challenging task for an amateur PC user< so here are some steps that make the process much easier:

  • Try to use another browser application

As you know by now, Roblox cannot be launched with some browsers. Many users have been able to fix the problem of incompatibility by making Google Chrome its default browser. Either that or install the newest version of the browser.

  • Try connecting to your network again

The easiest and the most convenient solution is to reset the settings of the browser:

  • Open up the settings of the browser that is chosen to be the default one;
  • Go the page with Internet properties;
  • Open the Advanced settings tab;
  • Choose to reset the browser
  • Make sure you use a stable Internet connection

Slow connection to network is usually the problem that causes the described error. Try reaching out to your provider to fix any problems if you are not able to find solution yourself.

  • Turn off all the ad-blocking extensions

An Ad-blocker may be the reason why a Roblox kicks you out, so make sure all extensions are turned off and relaunch the game.

  • Delete the search history of the browser

The excessive volumes of data on the computer can cause unstable work and different errors.

  • Delete Roblox and install it again

This tip is the last one to follow. If none of the previous tips works, you also can try reinstalling the game completely.


Roblox Error Code 267 notification appears when the player is banned from the server. Whenever a server identifies a suspicious activity, it kicks the player out to minimize the risk of hacking and exploitation.

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