Fixing the Error "operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus"

Fixing the Error "operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus" - Post Thumbnail

Malicious programs can bring a lot of harm to the device you are using. Thus, antiviruses prevent the system from opening up harmful files. Usually cybersecurity programs kick in when you launch those files. It causes the notification: “operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus”. The article provides a brief guide on solve the related issues.

Turn off all the services of Windows Defender 

Even though it is sometimes impossible to launch a file because of any antivirus application, Windows Defender is usually guilty in preventing files from opening. Steps to get rid of the problem:

  • Launch the settings of the in-built antivirus application;
  • Disable the real time scanning in the settings;
  • You can always change the settings to the default after opening the file you need.

Include the file or folder in the list of the exceptions

If you have severe security tools apart from Windows Defender, try turning off all of them. The simplest solution is to make these programs ignore the file you need to open.

  • Open up the settings of the particular antivirus;
  • Go to the folder with the excepted files and add the folder you need to open.

Choose the right path to the file you need to open carefully.

Another possible source of the issue

Some antivirus services can even identify Explorer tool as a threat and disable it, which makes the commuter run poorly. Unfortunately, you cannot apply previous instructions to solve this cause because of more complicated roots. However, any user can get rid of it by using the special commands.

The main steps for the process include:

  • Launch the command bar using your administrator rights to avoid any malfunctions;
  • Browse the internet to look up the commands that were created to fix Windows Explorer issues.

You should get a message if all of the steps were done right.

  • Make sure you reboot your device afterwards to apply all the changes.
Window Back-up problem

This particular issue may occur after installing a backup version of your operating system. If you face the same problems after following all the previous advices, delete some data from the system using specialized programs. Some useless files can dump the operating system and cause malfunctions, so get rid of them before installing next backup.


The main reasons why most of the files are identified as potentially dangerous to the system are connected with their faultiness. However, any user can launch these files despite the warnings from antivirus applications by turning them off temporarily.

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